Anti-Discrimination & Equality

MPG’s Anti-discrimination and Equality programme focuses on strategies to combat discrimination on all grounds, particularly on nationality, ethnicity, race and religion, and to promote equality for all.

Our activities are based on setting standards, campaigning for their adoption, monitoring their implementation and in turn empowering stakeholders and civil society to act on them by developing trainings, setting up networks and facilitating transnational exchange.

The Anti-discrimination programme is guided by the following objectives:

  • Improve protection against discrimination
  • Expand anti-discrimination law and practices
  • Raise awareness and knowledge of means to prevent and combat discrimination
  • Enhance the capacity of civil society to act on anti-discrimination
  • Enhance the capacity of key stakeholders to design new enforcement strategies

MPG’s programme on Anti-discrimination and Equality has increased the body of knowledge on anti-discrimination policies and law in Europe, making it possible to compare and monitor changes in national approaches. 

MPG enhances the capacity of a wide range of stakeholders and civil society (including NGOs, and trade unions) to fight discrimination, and promotes co-operation among a variety of actors across Europe.

MPG uses the following tools to implement its Anti-discrimination programme:

  • Standard setting
  • Impact assessment
  • Monitoring implementation at national level
  • Training programmes – training trainers

MPG Deputy Director Isabelle Chopin is profiled in Mariana Cook’s book Justice, Faces of the Human Rights Revolution for her work on anti-discrimination. The launch of the book took place on 4 April 2013 in New York.

New audio, powerpoint and conference papers are available from the fifth legal seminar organised on 26 November 2012 and focusing on "Equality Law for Everyone: Challenges Ahead".

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