INTI-Cities: Milestones

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January 2009

INTI-Cities final report is published: Benchmarking Governance in European Cities

The final report of the INTI-Cities project is published entitled 'Benchmarking Governance in European Cities' outlining lessons learned throughout the project that used innovative peer-reviewing techniques and investigated how cities can provide effective structures for integration governance

July 2008

INTI-Cities enters third phase: reports, analyses & benchmarking

The third phase of the project, which lasts from July 2008 to January 2009 is devoted to (1) writing individual reports for each of the reviewed cities; (2) producing the comparative analysis of the 6 reviewed cities; and (3) revisiting the four benchmarks developed by MPG (General Governance, Individual Empowerment, Administrative Cooperation and Working in Partnership) in the light of its testing in the reviewed cities

June 2008

Concluding INTI-Cities peer review

The six peer-review visits in the framework of the INTI-Cities process end with the concluding assessment of the city of Lyon

February 2008

INTI-Cities peer reviews begin

The six peer-review visits planned in the framework of the INTI-Cities process begin with with the assessment of the city of Helsinki

November 2007

Second Integrating Cities conference: official launch of INTI-Cities

Acting as the sequel to the first Integrating Cities conference, this event brings together key experts, decision-makers and practitioners in the area of migrant integration and presents ideas for the practical implementation of the Common Basic Principles and the European Framework for Integration at local level

September 2007

INTI-Cities kick-off meeting

MPG presents the first version of the benchmarking model to be used in the INTI-Cities project

October 2006

First Integrating Cities Conference

The first Integrating Cities conference takes place, aiming at better co-operation between the European Union and European cities in the area of integration

January 2006

INTI-Cities project takes shape

A discussion held within the EUROCITIES working group on Migration & Integration leads to the development of the INTI-Cities project