Migration News Sheet e-newsletter January 2012

Migration News Sheet e-newsletter January 2012

Issued on 19/01/2012


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Below is a selection of the headlines in the January issue


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Below is a selection of the headlines in the latest issue. Click on the links to read this month's free sample articles and headlines:


Migration Policies

EU ‘Single permit’ Directive granting third-country workers rights passes final hurdle

ECHR: Raised in a country and having six minor children who are its citizens does not exempt a foreigner having committed serious offences from expulsion

CJEU: Advocate General of EU Court argues that Turkish nationals covered by provisions stemming from EEC-Turkey Agreement do not, unlike Union citizens, enjoy “strengthened protection” from expulsion

NETHERLANDS: Dutch advisory body on matters concerning foreigners call for “societal interests” to be taken into account when deciding on cases of long-stay foreigners under the obligation to leave

UK: Higher Court of Appeal grants a woman the right to stay with her partner and his wife


Irregular Migration

CJEU: Imprisonment of unlawfully staying third-country nationals possible only after coercive measures applied

BELGIUM: Human Rights Court finds Belgium guilty of Article 3 violation in case of AIDS-infected woman whose expulsion will nevertheless not amount to inhuman or degrading treatment

SWITZERLAND: Swiss law prohibiting irregular migrants from getting married is criticised by the country’s Supreme Court


CJEU: Member States may not send asylum-seekers to another Member State with deficiencies in asylum procedure and reception conditions

Human Rights Court does not oppose repatriation of a rejected Afghan asylum-seeker whose brother was granted refugee status some six years ago

BELGIUM: Human Rights Court finds Belgium guilty of Article 3 violation for the third time for having detained children – damages amounting to 46,650 Euros are awarded to the applicants

SWEDEN: For the 18th time, the UN anti-torture watchdog warns Sweden that it would violate the convention if expulsion of applicant is carried out

MALTA: Malta’s Constitutional Court awards two Somalis 10,000 Euros each for being sent back to Libya without the opportunity to apply for asylum

NETHERLANDS: Dutch Court upholds right of three Congolese witnesses to International Criminal Court to apply for asylum

SWITZERLAND: Swiss Senate approval of first group of measures aimed at accelerating the asylum procedure


SWITZERLAND: Xenophobia has ‘definitely’ increased, says outgoing head of Federal watchdog

FRANCE: High profile trial of French woman of North African origin accused or making racist remark against 'white French people

SWEDEN: Swedish court acquits woman who twice refused to be served by a 'black person'



EU: High proportion of workers of immigrant origin in jobs for which they are over-qualified

NORWAY: Muslim politician in Norway against schools dropping Christian practices so as not to offend Muslims

SWEDEN: Sweden’s first veil-wearing policewoman


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